About IFIC Mobile Banking

IFIC Bank has been serving as a full-fledged commercial bank since 1983 when the government first allowed banks in private sector. For last 30 years, IFIC has been devoted to provide flawless customer service putting customer satisfaction above everything. As a continuation of this trend, when Bangladesh Bank introduced mobile financial services for the financial inclusion of poor unbanked people, IFIC was one of the first banks to respond.

IIFIC Bank Limited has launched mobile financial services under the brand name of IFIC Mobile Bank to provide a secured and easy access to the banking channel to the poor unbanked people. IFIC Mobile Banking is a service that will enable customers to access their accounts from their mobile phone and avail different banking services 24/7 instantly.

The idea is to provide banking services to that portion of the population, who are not included in the traditional banking channel. Statistically, more than 80% of the population of Bangladesh is deprived from banking services. The ultimate goal is financial inclusion of those people in a cheap, convenient and secured way.

So, if you have IFIC Mobile Banking account, no matter which corner of the country you are in or what the time is, your bank is always there for you. This is IFIC Bank empowering you as customers!.